SpyCamp | SpyKids

SpyKids is
Espionage fun
inspiring STEM!

From the original SpyCamp.

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Active, Stealthy, Smart and FUN!

Spy Skills

Codes & Signals
Stealth & Surveillance
Drops & Recovery

Games & Hunts

Walkie-talkie geometry
Accents & Disguises
Urban Agent mission game
Treasure or Trap
Laser course
Mystery Theater
Passing Pesos


Mapping & Measurement
Particle & Wave Motion
Compass & Geography
Lasers & Photons
Disguise and Detection


Training books
HQ Dispatch
Treasure maps
Surprise containers
Gingerbread Spy HQ
Build a Compass
Planes & landing strips

All the parents are poised at their keyboards at 12:01 when registration opens so they can get into SpyKids.
Joseph C.
Just wanted to let you know that Teia came home yesterday and said SpyKids is THE BEST AFTER SCHOOL CLASS SHE HAS EVER TAKEN!
Anthea loves your after school spykids program. Such a fabulous, multi-faceted opportunity for learning and having fun!
Rebecca C.
Maile LOVED the morse code - she has the whole family sending messages :)
Matt K.
Of all the after school activities our kids have attended, yours is by far the best in missing up fun, science, technology and academics. We truly appreciate you being at Presidio Knolls School, and thank you for igniting their passion for learning.
Rebecca C.
This is the first thing JoJo has been excited about in a long time.
Simona C.
great pics! the kids look like they're having a blast. thanks for the photos!
Lena Z.
How to bring SpyKids to our school?

Email SpyKids@adventurous.com or phone 415.397.7678.


unique programs for grades 1st-5th

Class Size & Trainer Ratio:

12 Cadets per session, 8 minimum. 2 Trainers per class.

Registration Process:

We can manage all promotion and registration or work with Enrichment Directors using your school’s after-school sign-up process.


$33 per child for each 1-hour class session. (We prefer to teach 1 1/2  hour sessions if possible). Most semesters are 10 weeks long.

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