SpyGadget Kits are the only
STEM Kits for Spies!

Only SpyGadget Kits have

  • Mission challenges in every Kit
  • Graphical and Fun how-to Guides
  • Instructional videos from Agent COPPER
  • Cadet-submitted videos of kid-created projects

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Ultimate Spy Gadget Circuitry Kit
6 STEM projects, each with Spy Mission and either tutorial videos or graphical how-to guide. Spy-Easy with fun graphical instructions.

Listening Device Lab Kit
Build two different types of spy listening devices.

Solar Battery Charger Lab

Fully customized poker size playing cards with spy history, facts, and gagdtes on every card!

Binary Tank Top
Black tank top with green binary code.

Pencil Case
Cool x-ray pencil case.

Water Bottle
Spy Kids Emblem water bottle.

Spy Camp circuitry book mark.


Fun with SpyGadgets!