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At SpyCamp, every Cadet is a Hero.

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Register via Mindbody
Email spycamp@adventurous.com

Call 415-818-6263

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We Train Cadets for Real Missions!

Craft Week


Urban Agent GAME
Country Mission GAME
2-layer Code HUNT


Color Flow wands
Walkie Talkie GAME
Martial Arts
Stick Fighting
Laser Craft


Laser Maze
Tailing GAME
Glow LAB
Field Drop Training


Disguise & Dossier
SpyOpoly GAME
Snowboard skills


Lit Buildings CRAFT
Video Editing CRAFT
Safehouse Snacks
Snowboard GAMES

Tech Week


Urban Agent GAME
Carbon Capture LAB
Disguise & Digital ID fakery
Web Cracking TECH


Film School
Walkie Talkie HUNT
Martial Arts
Laser Craft


Laser Maze
Stick Fighting
Outdoor Laser Maze


Ski Skills
SpyOpoly GAME


Trust No One HUNT
Video Editing TECH
Safehouse Snacks
Ski Targets

they loved every bit of it!! it inspired them to continue scheming about being spies – they said that it was their favorite camp ever and wished that i had signed up for more.
Pooja M.
THANK YOU! Agent JC could not say enough wonderful things about her experience at SpyCamp! Honestly… she said it was the best thing she did all summer...and she went surfing in Australia!
Michelle J.
Anthea loves your after school spykids program. Such a fabulous, multi-faceted opportunity for learning and having fun!
Rebecca C.
My Agents Allie and Mar loved their spy training and mission. They are very picky about camps. This ranks with their top favorites and one they’d like to do again next year. Thanks!
Susanne D.
Both kids enthusiastically asked to attend again next year!
Priscilla F.
Jared LOVED spy camp so much! His feedback was that he loved the fact that you all did so many different and exciting things everyday. Each day was different.
Pam P.
SpyCamp dates & cost

SpyCamp has five 2-week sessions and one 1-week session.  Families can register for any 1-week or 2-week program. Both weeks within the 2-week program are completely unique. Each 1-week session is $5500; any 2-weeks are $1000. All weeks include Tech projects and Craft projects but we lean heavily toward Tech or Craft within each specialized week.

Camp hours are 9am-4pm, with care available at $100 per week for both AM 8-9am & PM 4-6pm. AM only care is $50 for & PM only care is $80.   (We cannot pro-rate care by the hour.)

All dates are available at Potrero location at 650 Florida St. and new Hayes Valley location at 188 Octavia St. Location choice depends on AGE: Potrero = 6.5-8 years. Hayes = 8-11 years.

  • June 10-14 (Craft week & skiing)
  • June 17-21 (Tech week & snowboarding)
  • Girls-only June 24-28 (Craft week & skiing)
  • July 8-12 (Tech week & snowboarding)
  • Girls-only July 15-19 (Craft week & skiing)
  • Girls-only July 22-26 (Tech week & snowboarding)
  • July 20-Aug 2 (Craft week & skiing)
  • Aug 5-9 (Tech week & snowboarding)
  • Aug 12-16 (Craft week & skiing)
  • Aug 19-23 (Tech week & snowboarding)
  • Aug 26-30 (Game week)
What is SpyCamp?

We train Cadets for real missions, learning how to track clues, operatives and suspicious materials via dispatches sent by SpyCamp HQ.   All-day Squads of 12 kids get seriously fun training in walkie-talkies, tailing, drops, coding, forensic labs, video & photo surveillance, strategy, teamwork, martial arts, skiing & snowboarding (yes!), and crazy outdoor Games, Treasure Hunts and surprise outings. Each summer is unique, but always includes a real mission, lessons in real espionage (done by the Good Guys!) and massive laughter and goofing around.   Missions All missions are top secret so we cannot predict what type of missions our Cadets may be assigned during SpyCamp. Prior missions included disabling a fake hybrid engine that threatened our planet, helping an ex-SpyCamp Operative who was infiltrating BurningMan Firemakers to build a black-market explosives factory, recovering dangerous computer code by tricking an Operative infiltrating a secret Disney project team, and even recovering a thumb drive from the collar of a dog!   Trainers Squads are led by specialists in kids’ theater, videography, science, self-defense, sports, and team-building.   The Day Our days are a mix of outdoor spy games, indoor labs, gadget deployment, sports instruction, and martial arts training, as well as neighborhood games & hunts.   Please NOTE: This is a real Spy Cadet Training program for the recruitment, training and management of Jr. Spies.

Reserve Camp Week >

Register via Mindbody
Email spycamp@adventurous.com
Call 415-818-6263

6 1/2 – 10 years old. (Yes, Cadets MUST be 6.5 years old during their camp week.)

Squad Size:

12 Cadets + 3 CITs per session (Staff ratio is 1 Trainer:4 Cadets)


9-4pm, with 8am pre-care and 4-6pm post-care (Care = $100 per week. $50 AM only, $80 PM only)


Potrero: Courtyard drop-off at 650 Florida St @ 18th. (2 parking spaces)

Hayes Valley: 188 Octavia St. Spy door is on Page St. (no parking)


Early Bird until Jan 31: $1000 per 2-week session; $550 per one-week session.  Regular pricing: $1100 per 2-week session; $610 per one-week session

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are refunded via check for the full amount, minus a 20% fee.  We regret fees, but since camps are so customized, a cancellation can mean other families who were counting on a certain gender or age mix may also have to be updated; additionally, activities and equipment changes may be required. HOWEVER, if you’re in “wait mode” due to an extended family trip, contact us so we can help your planning. After April 22 refunds are 75%; after May 10: 50% refund; after June 1: no refunds

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