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GLO Hunt

GLO shirt design, Glow SLIME lab, UV black-out hunt
Where & When: Spy Studio (Apr – Sept) or Home “dark room” (Year-round), $500
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Laser Maze

Laser circuit craft, course design, laser maze challenge
Where & When: Spy Studio (Apr – Sept), $565
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Outdoor Agent GAME

T-shirt craft, Game board set-up, Urban Agent GAME
Where & When:  reserved Park or Home outdoors (Year-round), $450
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Mystery Day

Characters & costume props, backstories & fakery, fingerprints & clues
Where & When: Birthday Home (Year-round), $450
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Walkie-Talkie Game of Secrets

Squad disguises, Codes & secrets, W-T hunt
Where & When: Birthday Home (Year-round), $450
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Drone Day [coming soon]

Drone build how-to, Course design, Skills: hover, gates, FPV
Where & When: Spy Studio (Apr – Sept) or reserved Venue (Year-round), $640


they loved every bit of it!! it inspired them to continue scheming about being spies – they said that it was their favorite camp ever and wished that i had signed up for more.
Pooja M.
THANK YOU! Agent JC could not say enough wonderful things about her experience at SpyCamp! Honestly… she said it was the best thing she did all summer...
Michelle J.
Anthea loves your after school spykids program. Such a fabulous, multi-faceted opportunity for learning and having fun!
Rebecca C.
My Agents Allie and Mar loved their spy training and mission. They are very picky about camps. This ranks with their top favorites and one they’d like to do again next year. Thanks!
Susanne D.
Both kids enthusiastically asked to attend again next year!
Priscilla F.
Jared LOVED spy camp so much! His feedback was that he loved the fact that you all did so many different and exciting things everyday. Each day was different.
Pam P.
Pick your Theme & Date

GLO (Spy Studio): Mon 4-8pm, Sun PM thru 11/15

Laser (Spy Studio): Mon 4-8pm, Sun PM thru 11/15

Urban Agent Game (outdoor): Sat AM & PM, Sun PM

Mystery Day (birthday home): Sat AM & PM, Sun PM

Walkie-Talkie (birthday home):: Sat AM & PM, Sun PM


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Talk to our Birthday Manager Wanda!
  • 415.948.9598. office hrs: Mon, Wed & Thurs 8:30-1pm
  • Email: SpyBirthdays@adventurous.com
do I pay the full amount upon reservation?


how do we plan for & pay for more than 12 kids?

additional kids are $20 each. To reserve Big Parties of 20 kids or more, you’ll pay the party fee + $160 to enable us to schedule additional Party Trainers for your day. Payment for your additional guests over 12 (or 20) is made 2-days prior to your Party Day, based on your emailed Party List. (Don’t worry, we can accommodate last-minute additions if you keep in touch so we can be ready.)

What is your Cancellation Policy
How it works

Payment: full payment is made upon reservation # of Kids: 12 kids, additional kids are $20 each Spy Cake: $45 for sheet (serves ___) or $55 for 2-layer 8” (serves _____), with delivery.

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