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All lessons are private, indoors, & completely customized for your fitness, learning style & goals.
Learn inside. Excel on the mountain.

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Step ONE: We use a special technique to show you body position for heel & toe carving. Get the hip-pop on the floor and you’ll get a solid toe side carve!

Step TWO: Heel & Toe Pressure. Weight is over the front of the board first –  for maximum control with minimal effort. Then perfect Heel & Toe pressure & position. Here Instructor Mike gets Izzy underway.  Watch Video »

Step THREE: InfinityS Heel & Toe. Next we teach your feet how to steer the board with simple heel & toe pressure.
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Step FOUR: Small Radius Heel & Toe. Increase heel and toe pressure, pressing first with front foot then back foot. You’ll be able to connect your heel-toe turns in your first lesson.
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Step SIX: Body Position. Once your feet have their heel & toe skills, we add body position. This really steers the board; giving you acceleration with control. See how easy Colette makes it look to pop her hip out over the board on toe-side so her body position accelerates the turn.
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I was shocked that after a few half-hour lessons that felt like goofing off on a giant arcade game, I showed up on a mountain and could snowboard.
Sean N.
Pro skier here. Wanted to snowboard. Accelerated my learning curve by 300% by going here first. Never go snowboarding unless you do these endless snow lessons first.
Jason L.
At Sierra@Tahoe, the instructor kinda scoffed when I told him the sum-total of my boarding experience was limited to an hour+ on the 'ski treadmill,' As I progressed rapidly, by my 3rd or 4th run, I was linking turns (albeit, slowly ;) Still, the guy was pretty blown away at my progression, and was suddenly that much more interested in hearing about the Endless Slope ;)
Ali S.
So I went to Tahoe in early Jan and I did AWESOME on the mountain, snow boarding, my first time. all thanks to the endless slope!! I did two green runs and then was ready for blues for the rest of day. so amazing!!
Tammy K.
Does it work?: I was very VERY skeptical that a few 30-minute classes would be enough to learn to do something as difficult as snowboarding. And despite it being really fun all by itself, I wasn't sure that my skills would translate to an actual mountain... I went to a couple mountains. It works. Do I know how to snowboard after a couple half hours on a silly machine? You can bet your boots I do.
Sean N.
My son liked his snowboarding lessons so much, he decided he's going to spend his own money on another package.
Paul S.

The Endless Slope is Accelerated Learning for snowboarding and skiing. Lessons are private, indoors, and completely customized for your fitness, learning-style and goals. Your progress will be faster, more fun & feel more natural than lessons on the mountain, and they’re a better value too.

  • Faster. Your Instructor is inches from your body; we can direct your knees a millimeter over or a nanosecond sooner to give you a carve you can feel, control & retain.
  • More effective. We see how your body works up close, so we build on strengths and fix issues quickly—giving you a mountain style perfect for your body and mindset.
  • Lasting. You’ll be turning, carving & improving constantly in your half-hour lesson—so that muscle-memory gets baked right in. (Your body will forget that there was a time when you couldn’t handle those steeps.)
  • Stronger. You’ll get in condition faster, build a foundation for life-long improvement, and also learn a bag of tricks you can use on the snow for all conditions.


Pricing & Packages

Everyone starts with the FastStart – whatever your level.  Then choose your package.

  • Adults. Adults start with the 1-hour FastStart, then choose a 4, 8, or 12 pack of half-hour lessons.  (Single lessons also available.) Packages never expire. Adult packages are for ONE person.
    • FastStart 1-hr lesson: $120
    • FastStart Plus = 1-hr lesson + future half-hr lesson: $160
    • 4-pack: $350
    • 8-pack: $580
    • 12-pack: $710
    • single half-hr lesson: $115 (must take the FastStart first)
  • Family / Groups of 3-4. Families or Groups (FGs) start with a 2-hour FastStart, giving each person at least a half-hour lesson.  Then all FG packages are priced at a 25% discount…because it’s not easy getting a group together. Prices are for a group of 4, but we’ll pro-rate if you’re 3 people. All FG members must come together at the same lesson time. FG lessons are 2 hours for 4 members, or 1 1/2 hours for 3 members.
    • Family 2-hour FastStart: $265
    • Family 2-hour lesson: $310
    • Family 3-pack (three 2-hour lessons): $820
    • Family 4-pack (four 2-hour lessons): $1056
  • Kids. For kids age 3-10. Kid packages are for ONE person.
    • 1/2-hr Kid FastStart: $55
    • Kid 4-pack: $320
    • Kid 6-pack: $390
    • Kid 10-pack: $590
    • Kid single half-hr lesson: $80
Our Curriculum
Do you use the same curriculum for everyone?

Everyone is unique. We’ve built our curriculum by combining the experience of our amazing Instructors and the wisdom of our clients over 10 years of teaching. But we apply it differently to each person as we learn their style, strengths & goals.

Our curriculum is proprietary, but here are a few fun highlights:

  • Ground School: hip pop position for toe-side (it’s a big deal)
  • Look & hip-face & shoulder steer for natural board steering
  • Small radius Infinity S; this makes you feel super cool and gives your body the first feel of connecting turns.
  • Heel & Toe pop for rear-foot steering
  • Heelside & Toeside grip
  • Weight-Throw for board torque at high speed
  • Full Switch

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