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All lessons are private, indoors, & completely customized for your fitness, learning style & goals.
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Step ONE: Knee-Cs on the floor: this is the foundation for your parallel. (no snowplow here!) Skiers can take years to learn this movement on the snow – it’s just hard to teach the small, correct movements of toes, knees, thighs & hips under ski pants and from a distance! Our Knee-Cs are even effective for advanced skiers like Glenda (from Italy!), here with Instructor Colette.
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Step TWO: Knees-Cs on the deck. This is side-slipping with complete focus on edges, knees curving up, body weight forward to make a strong, skilled carve. This is the foundation for an awesome carving turn!
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Step FIVE: Alternate-leg parallel. After learning the basic parallel, we work on inside foot pressure, weighting and timing with different exercises – here Glenda shows the Alternate-leg parallel.
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Step SIX: One-leg Parallel. This teaches each ski how to edge, especially the challenging uphill edge. (Especially helpful for Intermediate skiers trying to break long-time snowplow habits). Here Yvonne makes it look easy.
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I did my lessons with Collete and she is a great instructor. Very patient, encouraging, and good at giving specific and useful feedback. As a former snowboarding instructor, I highly recommend taking lessons here, because the indoor setup allows you to quickly develop muscle memory. Thanks Sarah and Collete!
Chris S.
I trained on the Endless Slope in preparation for a 10 day ski trip to Europe. Not only was it fantastic ski conditioning - "pre-ischishtica", it advanced my form and control of my skis in a significant way.
Sabra B.
After just two sessions, I went out on the snow and was actually carving turns down intermediate/advanced runs that would have freaked me out last season.
Daina C.
I've been skiiing sooo well. My friend accidentally took me down a double black today and I made it down pretty well! The lessons helped so much. My friends said I looked very comfortable on the mountain :) Plus my legs lasted all day due to skiing proper technique! Can't thank you enough.
Ann G.
By the way, Tony was awesome with my 5 year old son on Saturday. I look forward to booking with him in the future.
Jug A.
After 15 years of trying to learn to ski I am finally rocking it as a result of just 3 hours of instruction on the "endless slope" - MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH. Seriously, I wish I'd known about this place years ago.
Rachel B.

The Endless Slope is Accelerated Learning for snowboarding and skiing. Lessons are private, indoors, and completely customized for your fitness, learning-style and goals. Your progress will be faster, more fun & feel more natural than lessons on the mountain, and they’re a better value too.

  • Faster. Your Instructor is inches from your body; we can direct your knees a millimeter over or a nanosecond sooner to give you a carve you can feel, control & retain.
  • More effective. We see how your body works up close, so we build on strengths and fix issues quickly—giving you a mountain style perfect for your body and mindset.
  • Lasting. You’ll be turning, carving & improving constantly in your half-hour lesson—so that muscle-memory gets baked right in. (Your body will forget that there was a time when you couldn’t handle those steeps.)
  • Stronger. You’ll get in condition faster, build a foundation for life-long improvement, and also learn a bag of tricks you can use on the snow for all conditions.


Pricing & Packages

Everyone starts with the FastStart – whatever your level.  Then choose your package.

  • Adults. Adults start with the 1-hour FastStart, then choose a 4, 8, or 12 pack of half-hour lessons.  (Single lessons also available.) Packages never expire. Adult packages are for ONE person.
    • FastStart 1-hr lesson: $120
    • FastStart Plus = 1-hr lesson + future half-hr lesson: $160
    • 4-pack: $350
    • 8-pack: $580
    • 12-pack: $710
    • single half-hr lesson: $115 (must take the FastStart first)
  • Family of 3-4. Families start with a 2-hour FastStart, giving each person at least a half-hour lesson.  Then all Family packages are priced at a 25% discount…because it’s not easy getting a group together. Prices are for a group of 4, but we’ll pro-rate if you’re 3 people. All Family members must come together at the same lesson time. Family lessons are 2 hours for 4 members, or 1 1/2 hours for 3 members.
    • Family 2-hour FastStart: $265
    • Family 2-hour lesson: $310
    • Family 3-pack (three 2-hour lessons): $820
    • Family 4-pack (four 2-hour lessons): $1056
  • Kids. For kids age 3-10. Kid packages are for ONE person.
    • 1/2-hr Kid FastStart: $55
    • Kid 4-pack: $320
    • Kid 6-pack: $390
    • Kid 10-pack: $590
    • Kid single half-hr lesson: $80
Our Curriculum
Do you use the same curriculum for everyone?

Everyone is unique. We’ve built our curriculum by combining the experience of our amazing Instructors and the wisdom of our clients over 10 years of teaching. But we apply it differently to each person as we learn their style, strengths & goals.

Our curriculum is proprietary, but here are a few fun highlights:

  • Ground School: Knee-Cs for parallel carve, working from your toes to your hips (we START with parallel turns – no pizza snowplow here!)
  • Ground-School: flex and toe roll-over
  • Knee-Cs with extreme knee-point and edge-grip
  • The Parallel Pause to pressure the perfect sweet-spot on the skis.
  • Foot rollover for strong carve
  • 1-leg parallel to learn inside-leg carving
  • Small radius parallel for constant roll-over pressure
  • Hip-Extension
  • 1-leg Edge Hold
  • Tapper Parallel

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