Endless Slope

Learn to Ski or Snowboard in San Francisco!

All lessons are private, indoors, & completely customized for your fitness, learning style & goals. Learn inside. Excel on the mountain.

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For the Kids

Some kids leave that pizza behind & parallel ski in a few lessons, while others jump start a race career only after 8 visits. If your child is cautious, don’t worry—we’re great at moving at Little Person Readiness pace. More info >>

For the Newbies

Go from “never-ever” to intermediate & even black-diamond slopes in 8 to 12 lessons. Or, start with 4 & hit the slopes safe, skilled, & ready to progress at a fast pace. More info >>

For the Ever-Intermediates

Stuck on greens & blues? Having trouble managing killer carves & steep blacks?  We’ll add skills, fix old habits, & have you powering the slopes before you can say “forever blue.”  More info >>

For the Re-launch Ready

Busy running an empire & now you’re ready to get back on the slopes or begin a new sport? We’ll build your strength, balance and skills at a safe & steady pace all while having fun! More info >>

I was shocked that after a few half-hour lessons that felt like goofing off on a giant arcade game, I showed up on a mountain and could snowboard.
Sean N.
I trained on the Endless Slope in preparation for a 10 day ski trip to Europe. Not only was it fantastic ski conditioning - "pre-ischishtica", it advanced my form and control of my skis in a significant way.
Sabra B.
After just two sessions, I went out on the snow and was actually carving turns down intermediate/advanced runs that would have freaked me out last season.
Daina C.
So I went to Tahoe in early Jan and I did AWESOME on the mountain, snow boarding, my first time. all thanks to the endless slope!! I did two green runs and then was ready for blues for the rest of day. so amazing!!
Tammy K.

The Endless Slope is Accelerated Learning for snowboarding and skiing. Lessons are private, indoors, and completely customized for your fitness, learning-style and goals. Your progress will be faster, more fun & feel more natural than lessons on the mountain, and they’re a better value too.

  • Faster. Your Instructor is inches from your body; we can direct your knees a millimeter over or a nanosecond sooner to give you a carve you can feel, control & retain.
  • More effective. We see how your body works up close, so we build on strengths and fix issues quickly—giving you a mountain style perfect for your body and mindset.
  • Lasting. You’ll be turning, carving & improving constantly in your half-hour lesson—so that muscle-memory gets baked right in. (Your body will forget that there was a time when you couldn’t handle those steeps.)
  • Stronger. You’ll get in condition faster, build a foundation for life-long improvement, and also learn a bag of tricks you can use on the snow for all conditions.


Pricing & Packages

Everyone starts with the FastStart – whatever your level.  Then choose your package.

  • Adults. Adults start with the 1-hour FastStart, then choose a 4, 8, or 12 pack of half-hour lessons.  (Single lessons also available.) And packages never expire
    • FastStart 1-hr lesson: $85
    • FastRamp 1-hr lesson + future half-hr lesson: $125
    • 4-pack: $295
    • 8-pack: $520
    • 12-pack: $630
    • single half-hr lesson: $80 (must take the FastStart first)
  • Family / Groups of 3-4. Families or Groups (FGs) start with a 2-hour FastStart, giving each person at least a half-hour lesson.  Then all FG packages are priced at a 25% discount…because it’s not easy getting a group together. Prices are for a group of 4, but we’ll pro-rate if you’re 3 people. All FG members must come together at the same lesson time. FG lessons are 2 hours for 4 members, or 1 1/2 hours for 3 members.
    • Family / Group 2-hour FastStart (3 or 4 ppl): $200
    • Family / Group 2-hour lesson (4 half-hr lessons total): $250
    • Family / Group 4-pack (16 half-hr lessons total): $885
    • Family / Group 8-pack (32 half-hr lessons total): $1560
  • Kids. For kids age 3-10.
    • 1/2-hr Kid FastStart: $45
    • Kid 4-pack: $250
    • Kid 6-pack: $300
    • Kid single half-hr lesson: $75
What should I wear?

We need to see your hips & knees! (That’s why it’s hard to learn on the snow – they can’t see your hips, knees or toes, where everything important happens.) So running tights, soccer pants, yoga leggings are all great. Baggy jeans and chinos are not great.
On top, a T-shirt under a thicker layer works well.

Do you supply equipment?

You don’t need to bring anything! (Except you and/or your kids). Everything is included with your lesson: boots, boards & skis in all sizes.

Do you have parking?

Yes! We have parking right in front of our Sports Studio, available for our clients during their lessons.

How many lessons will I need?

Of course, everyone is different. On average, the 4-pack will give you solid skills on beginner slopes and momentum for fast improvement. The 8-pack will have you on intermediate trails your 1st day on the snow. And the 12-pack will get you started on easier expert runs after a ramp-up of one to two days. BUT, we recommend you keep it simple. Just sign up for the FastStart, discuss your goals and get advice from your Instructor. We don’t push packages…we push personalized progress so you can make ambitious goals!

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations can be made 48 hours in advance. [With the exception of cancels made within 4 hours of your lesson; these are considered “no-shows.”] You’ll get an email reminder 48 hours prior; if you need to cancel, just EMAIL us at info@adventurous.com.(Please don’t phone – we’re teaching and email records are better for both of us.) We’re not sticklers – if it takes you 2 hours to confirm a trip or a change in plans, no problem.
But if you do have to cancel within 48 hours before your lesson, you can set up a replacement lesson for $20 per half-hr or $40 per hour.)

Where do the lessons take place?

At our Sports Studio at 650 Florida @ 18th (1 block from Mission Cliffs, CoffeeBar, the new Tartine, Heath, etc.)

How quickly do I have to use my package?

Packages never expire.

How often should I take a lesson?

You’ll make the fastest progress coming 2x per week, although most people do once weekly.

Can I bring a friend? What if he skies & I board?

We do lots of twosomes – and no worries if you’re a ski & board mix. You’ll have 2 hours for your FastStart and the two of you will go back & forth with time on the Slope. Then you can each take 10% of your packages, even if you sign up for different packages.

Do you teach Families?

Yes – we teach lots of Families and Groups. We offer a two hour Family FastStart for 3-4 people, giving each family member time on the Endless Slope. (Lesson packages are for Families or Groups of 4; just call us  at 415.397.7678 and we can pro-rate the package for 3 people.  But you’ll still do the SAME 2-hour FastStart if you have 3 or 4 people.) After the FastStart, special Family Packages from 12 to 48 lessons are available. And because we love teaching families how to ski & board, the Family Packages are 25% off!

Do you have Family or Group discounts?

Yes! Our 2-hour group FastStart is $175. Then there are Family/Group 4-packs for $240, 8-packs for $400, and 12-packs for $500. You can mix & max if some members want more lesson than others, but all members must use some lessons. (Group packages must be shared by all group members; they cannot be used by only 1 or 2 group members.)  

What ages do you teach?

We start at age 3. For ages 3-12, Our Kid 1/2-hour FastStart is $40. Single kid lessons are $55 each and we have a Kid 6-pack of lessons for $210 ($35 each).

Will I fall a lot?

Most people don’t fall, but we kind of like a few falls–to get rid of the worry of falling! Falling on the Endless Slope is so nothing – it’s like slipping on a super-soft living room rug.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, the weight limit is 220 pounds. Our apologies for that; it’s not by design but is a reality of the ski deck design and gear ratio.

Can I have the same Instructor each time?

Yes, our Instructors work the same schedule each week so you can keep the same Instructor over the course of your lessons.

What if I have different lesson times and different Instructors. How do they keep track of my goals and progress?

Starting with your first lesson, we create your Progress Card.  Your Instructor will note your goal (if you have one – upcoming trip, catch up to your GF, etc), what you did each lesson and plans for skills to cover in the next lesson.

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