Adrenaline Week

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Adrenaline Week

Everyday all day will be fitness inspired activities, martial arts, parkour, lazer maze, and more!

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Serious Training . . . Seriously Fun

What is Adrenaline Week?

Adrenaline week is all about training to meet and exceed the physical demands of spy life. We will be boosting our mission trainings with parkour, improving our stealth with martial arts, having fun with water balloons and drone tech and so much more!

Physical Attuned Spies

Cadets will come home with a journal of activities and exercises to help maintain their spy abilities all Summer long!

Our Activities

Cadets will spend all day learning physical skills through activities such as: parkour, tailing, lazer maze agility, relay races, water balloon fights, skiing, rock-climbing or fencing, yoga,and martial arts!

Only at Adrenaline Week:

Neon Glow Hunts
Water Balloon Fights
Ninja games
Parkour Mission Training
Drone Practice



8 Spots Available
As a pilot program for Spy Camp we are only offering to take 8 cadets so sign up soon!
Our goal is to give our spy cadets a sense of empowerment in themselves as they track their progress over the week. We hope to also put Cadets on a path of respect for physical fitness and health.
Does my child need prior knowledge of the topics to have fun?

Nope! We expect to find a wide variety of experience levels and this is how we like it! A diversity in experience allows for every Cadet to settle into their own skin and helps Cadets to realize that they are not in competition with each other but in competition with themselves.

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