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Our Goal:

To make learning new sports a fun, inspiring experience and continue to grow Adventurous Sports as an innovator in sports instruction.

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Making Life Adventurous

Founded by Sarah Cooper

How did a girl with degrees in Computer Science & Physics, who spent about a billion years in tech & management consulting end up founding Adventurous Sports?

In Silicon Valley, she pioneered unique, innovative methods to help people use cutting edge technology at their own pace & in their own style—playing off their strengths. The result: they learned & excelled faster. Her consulting background made her realize it also had to be fun. Because fun accelerates the learning of new & challenging skills.


How does it work?

It starts with the innovative Endless Slope ski deck (located in the heart of San Francisco). Adventurous then matches clients to best-in-class instructors who tailor sessions to a client’s abilities, strengths, & snow history—good or bad. Only one way to find out how amazing it is: Try it, risk-free!

Success at Adventurous awakens ‘special powers’ in clients, because they’re learning entirely new skills (or sharpening up & improving skills) and doing it in a fun, safe & engaging way. This inspires a confident, positive energy that our clients take back to the board room, artist studio, or second grade.

Staff Wisdom
Endless SlopeAs a dancer, I know there are countless ways to teach your body to explore and master new ways of movement. The Endless Slope makes it fun to play around and then it’s so rewarding to see how fast you progress.
Colette, Endless Slope
Endless SlopeI started skiing at age 3 with a big family, so over the years I got to see all styles of learning from my Grandpa all the way down to my little cousins. I love tweaking my technical approach for every age and personality.
Tony, Endless Slope
Endless SlopeI spent 15 years teaching snowboarding at Heavenly, Sierra, Mammoth and more – and playing in the parks. So it was a revelation to see how fast I could excel at skiing using the Endless Slope.
Mike, Endless Slope
Endless SlopeSliding on snow is balance and rhythm, strength and suppleness, focus and meditative. We first figure out what to do, but then stop thinking about it so hard – to be strong enough to control, but soft enough to absorb. Muscle memory is essential, but so is mental confidence.
Carl, Endless Slope
Endless SlopeOn my racing team in Utah, I saw the benefit every week of video analysis and technical coaching. I feel like the Endless Slope sort of turbocharges that. The analysis and response happens immediately so you get that improvement even faster. Layer on muscle memory, and you’re solid.
Theo, Endless Slope
Endless SlopeIn technology, it’s all about how fast you can master new things. My fascination is in finding innovations to make that process fast & fun – I want to give clients a euphoric sense of their own power & potential.
Sarah, Owner
SpyKidsAs a kid, my parents didn’t take my constant requests for Spy Training seriously. So I want to give kids real Training, in a way that’s entertaining and surprising and crazy fun. Leading SpyCamp is truly my fantasy job.
Agent COPPER, filmmaker and cyber security hobbyist
SpyKidsMy parents are ER and CDC doctors, so we were expected to survive resourcefully. I mix that with my science background, a global perspective I bring from Columbia, and my absolute delight in all things kid to create wildly creative Spy games & projects.
Agent SOUTH, biologist and medical intern
SpyKidsI always look for the kid who isn’t getting it. I travel to their planet, connect with their thoughts, and then together we arrive at an understanding that works for their mindset. It’s very exciting to see that light burst on.
Agent VOLT, Astrophysics major
SpyKidsI love dreaming up new innovations – be it scientific, social or media - so working for SpyKids where we’re always teaching and creating innovation is a dream job for me.
Agent RACER, Entrepreneurship & Innovation major
What is the risk-free guarantee?

If after the first 10 minutes, you’re not happy with the experience, you can simply end the lesson (no questions asked – we want you to be comfortable)! And we will mail you a full refund check.

We find this is especially calming for parents- they don’t have to worry that their child has to be “on” the day of the lesson. Relax, walk in the door, and well make sure you have a rewarding experience, even if you did bring in a little baggage with you.

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