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We’ve put together the most effective program in the Bay Area to get you real surfing skills fast. You can Try Surfing with other companies, or you can Learn to Surf with Adventurous Sports.

Indoor & Ocean lessons = 2 sessions: you’ll be ready to go out solo at beginner beaches ($190 private / $125 semi-private)

3 more lessons: you’ll be surfing on a variety of board sizes, able to judge conditions, catch your own waves and buy a board for your surfing style ($200)

Learn to Surf

Each skill progression may take 1-3 lessons.

Indoor & Ocean: ($190 private/$125 semi-private)

  • indoor ($55/$45): the fastest way to learn a strong, stable pop-up to get you up up & riding waves. Plus how to assess conditions for your level & location.
  • ocean ($170/$115; both with rentals): paddling the channel, lineup etiquette, feeling the wave, pop-up & riding, improving timing & balance.

Lesson Pkg #2-4: $200

lesson #2: ($110 private /$80 semi-private) with rentals

  • judging conditions, renting equipment
  • increasing paddle speed, judging wave speed
  • pop-up stability and riding straight to shore

lesson #3: ($90 private /$70)

  • conditions & equipment: pick your day & time, rent your gear
  • catching your own waves on a beginner board
  • steering board

lesson #4: ($60 private / $50)

  • shorter &  more maneuverable boards
  • choosing your own waves
  • catching & riding most waves
  • choosing locations for your level: local & travel

Follow-on lessons: 1.5 hrs each, $200 for pkg of lessons #2-4

lessons #5+ ($50)

  • maneuvering on the wave
  • buying your own board



You’ll start with the Indoor Pop-Up clinic.

Next, we’ll catch waves at Linda Mar in Pacifica. We’ll do on-beach pop-ups and start your education on judging conditions, finding the channel to paddle out and choosing waves.

In the Pop-Up clinic, you’ll learn the Must-Dos for surfing:

  • hand position, arch & tilt for an easy pop-up
  • wait-a-beat pop-up timing
  • keeping your center of gravity low
  • the right pop-up for Your Body (every body is unique!)

How does it work? The simulator balances on a rail, so it requires you to pop up along the midline of the board. Why spend your ocean lesson attempting the pop-up, and paddling back out if your weight isn’t centered on the board? Get your pop-up muscle-memory first and spend your ocean time riding waves.

Will the Pop-Up clinic really get me surfing faster?

  • “You were right – I totally should have come on Saturday! Everyone who did the simulator clinic was doing really well in the water.” – Chris
  • “I took another surf class two years ago, but this one really clicked and now I go out on my own.” – Amy
  • “The simulator clinic made such a difference. In Hawaii, my friends who hadn’t done the clinic gave up on their lessons; they just couldn’t get it. But I kept going all week and had an incredible time.” – Angie
  • “The pop-up clinic on Saturday was absolutely instrumental to my success in the water. I was able to pop up and actually ride a wave on my very first try in the water. In fact, I rode three out of four waves that came my way during the lesson. The other students in my group had all attended a week-long surf camp last winter and were amazed this was my first time out.” – Libby

SPOTS weekend Oct 19-20

semi private



POP-UP Clinic:
650 Florida St @ 18th, courtyard

OCEAN Lesson: 
Linda Mar, Pacifica
Cowells, Santa Cruz
(based on best conditions)

Day :

Sat Oct 19

Sun Oct 20

Time :


depends on tides & swell







Day :


Time :



Learn to Surf $200

(3 follow-on ocean lessons)

Learn to Surf $200
Price: $200.00

Individual Session $110

(1st follow-on ocean lesson)

Individual Session $110
Price: $110.00

Individual Session $90

(2nd follow-on ocean lesson)

Individual Session $90
Price: $90.00

Individual Session $60

(3rd follow-on ocean lesson)

Individual Session $60
Price: $60.00

Semi-Privates for 2-3 Students





Day :


Time :


Learn to Pop-Up $125

(indoor & ocean)

Learn to Pop-Up $125
Price: $125.00


Individual Sessions $80

(1st follow-on ocean lesson)

Individual Sessions $80
Price: $80.00

Individual Sessions $70

(2nd follow-on ocean lesson)

Individual Sessions $70
Price: $70.00


Surf Lesson Details

Q: Can we do the Semi-Private with just 2 people?
A: Yes!

Q: do you teach surfing every day of the year, like other surf companies?
A: no we don’t – that’s easy for the surf companies, but not best for you. We want to ensure you have the best conditions for your lessons so you’re successful and have the right skills & momentum to keep going with your new sport! Schedule your indoor pop-up clinic anytime and then we’ll set up your ocean lesson for the best conditions that work for your schedule. This is the approach you’ll use when you start surfing solo, so we like to get you started right.

Q: when I’m ready to go solo, how do I judge the best conditions?
A: we’ll show you how to access and teach you the right conditions for local surfing at Linda Mar in Pacifica. Then you can always assess the BEST DAY FOR YOU, today & 2 days out.

Q: what if the conditions change on the day of my lesson?
A: we’ll keep an eye on them and call you the day before if it looks questionable and let you make the decision. Sometimes perfect conditions turn into “OK, but not great”. Maybe the waves are getting a little big; that can be just fine for some people but not for others. It’s important to us to make the lesson WORK FOR YOU.

How does it work? The simulator balances on a rail, so it requires you to pop up exactly on the center of the board. After 10-15 pop-ups,you’ll have it. Then you’ll be up the first time on the water.

You’ll learn the Must-Dos for surfing:

  • a nice smooth pop-up motion
  • keeping your center of gravity low
  • a strong balance on the midline of the board

We’ll get you started on big longboards for maximum stability in your first lesson. But then we’ll start building your skills on smaller boards with more maneuverability. We’ll help you identify the right board size & style for your body and how you want to surf, point you toward stores for the best options, and even build you a custom board if that’s your desire.


The water lesson starts with an on-beach orientation to review popping up and body position. We’ll also cover surf conditions, water safety and surf etiquette.

Out in the surf, you’ll be directed how to position your board, when to paddle and we’ll give you a push to get you on the wave with perfect timing.


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