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Welcome to SpyCamp!  Named “One of the Top 5 COOLEST CAMPS in SF” by Bold Italic. We train Cadets for real missions, tracking clues, operatives and suspicious materials via dispatches sent by SpyCamp HQ.

Naturally, we cannot predict what type of Missions our Cadets may be assigned during SpyCamp. Last year, Missions received from COMMAND CENTRAL included finding and disabling a fake hybrid engine that threatened our planet, recovering dangerous computer code by tricking an Operative into acting in a Disney movie try-out, and even recovering a thumb drive from the collar of a dog!

All-day Squads of 14 kids are led by specialists in kid’s theater, videography, science and team-building; they are assisted by a variety skill trainers with deep expertise in martial arts, military ops, skiing and fencing. (Our Trainer to Cadet ratio is frequently 4:1, sometimes 6:1. Ski training is 1:1.)

Daily outdoor play includes surveillance outings for video and sound capture, training in the park, team strategy games, treasure hunts, catapult targeting and The Big Mission.Spy candidates are ages 6-10.

Please NOTE: This is a real Spy Cadet Training program for the recruitment, training and management of Jr. Spies.

“they loved every bit of it!! it inspired them to continue scheming about being spies – they said that it was their favorite camp ever and wished that i had signed up for more.”
Pooja M.

“THANK YOU! Agent JC could not say enough wonderful things about her experience at SpyCamp! Honestly… she said it was the best thing she did all summer. Mind you she went to Australia for 6 weeks, surfed, swam, went to waterparks, amusement parks, visited grandparents, went water tubing, etc… but SpyCamp was the highlight.”
Michelle J.

“Jared LOVED spy camp so much! He already wants to do it again next year. His feedback was that he loved the fact that you all did so many different and exciting things everyday. Each day was different.”
Pam P.

“The kids absolutely loved your camp!
Danny said he loved “the mission, the skiing, the punching bag, the tennis ball tool, and the training.” … He also enjoyed the sword fighting and the laser maze with surveillance cameras. He enjoyed working with all of the agents especially Agent Data during the last mission. He could not stop talking about capturing the operative!!

Sofia liked working with Mr. awesome and learning sword fighting…doing origami with Silver and skiing with Agent Snow. She thought the mission was fun too.

Both kids enthusiastically asked to attend again next year!”
Priscilla F.

My Agents Allie and Mar loved their spy training and mission. They are very picky about camps. This ranks with their top favorites and one they’d like to do again next year. Thanks!”
Susanne D.

“Anthea loves your after school spykids program. Such a fabulous, multi-faceted opportunity for learning and having fun!”
Rebecca C.

Mission Detail



Every week is a unique mix of activities, designed for maximum excitement, skill development, and teamwork among the Cadet & Agent personalities of that week.  Activities can include:

  • CoverID & backstory
  • Surveillance, trailing & taping
  • Gear training on walkie-talkies, parabolics & more
  • Targeting course
  • Code breaking & Forensics
  • Geo-tracking & Map design
  • Suspect analysis and tracking
  • Team-building games for squad mission success
  • Filming & editing using GoPro, iPad and other cameras
  • Defense & Martial Arts with heavy-bag and hit-pads (Judo, Muay Thai, basic strength & safety)
  • Stick and (wooden) Sword Fighting (safe, step-by-step program taught by experts)
  • Real-world Spy stories & challenges, from technology to ecology
  • Indoor Skiing on The Endless Slope
  • Espionage strategy & agility games in the park
  • Team collaboration & strategy for mission success
  • and of course, purely fun summer games

The week ends with a Real Mission completion followed by a group celebration and an all-squad dispatch to HQ.
See a sample Week’s Schedule in “Details” below.

Mission details


Missions vary broadly with building excitement over the multi-day camps:

-5-day tracking of hacker hired by sinister commerce Operative

-5-day capture of rogue Operative, who had been misled by his own organization to harm SpyCamp

-5-day strategy to turn Operative, lure his boss, bug their offices and determine their motives

-5-day mission to infiltrate enemy organization and recover hacked code designed to skim revenue from new kids product

-5-day mission to use a new movie casting as cover to engage Operative and recover stolen materials

-2-day recovery of fake hybrid engine prototype designed to over-pollute our environment


Schedule & Cost


Full-Day Camp Weeks: 9am-4pm (pre & post 8am-6pm)

June 12-16, 19-23, June 26-30
July 10-14, 17-21, 24-28
July 31-Aug 4 (Senior Cadets ages 9-12),
Aug 7-11, 14-18

(Girl Agents only weeks!)

please bring a bag lunch & AM snack; PM snacks provided

$430: Full-Day Squad
$60: full week of Dawn & Dusk Patrol 8-9am and 4-6pm

Infiltrate with a SIBLING for 10% discount
(same week Not Required. Use code SIBLING)




Access Codes:
Phone 415.397.7678
Text 415.819.0492

Safe House location
Adventurous Sports Studio
650 Florida St, courtyard suite L

Potrero HIll/Mission, between 18th & 19th,
(near Mission Cliffs and Sports Basement)

Use our courtyard for easy drive-thru at drop-off & pick-up.

Training Agents


Agent SLICE – his specialty is ecological activism and martial arts. He brings his training in covert government services and his professional history holding political office to Cadet training. A black-belt in Judo and brown-belt in stick fighting, he believes in self-defense training for personal confidence, mental focus, physical fitness and fun. A Philippino national (the country of origin for stick-fighting), SLICE continually innovates his stick-fighting instruction so Cadets of all sizes and ages gain enormous prides in their new strengths and skills.

Agent COPPER (aka BLUE) – A film school graduate, documentary journalist and digital activist, COPPER teaches SpyCamp Cadets surveillance film skills and story narrative.  “Wow, she has a gift” is what we hear about COPPER from Cadet parents. With a background in theater and screenwriting, she uses Improv techniques to make every Cadet part of the team. COPPER believes strongly in real spy training for kids and has wanted to be a spy since she was a little girl. Her dream is to have a SpyCamp trip to Washington DC so all the Cadets can support her application to the CIA!

Agent NOIR teaches self-defense and survival. He is a 3rd degree Black Belt with classical weapons training in nunchucku, esrcema sticks, bo-staff, and sword, as well as Mixed Martial Arts. Ex-Navy, he has S.E.R.E. Training (Survival & Evasion Resistance & Escape) and also TSC clearance (Top Secret Crypo). He has taught martial arts to kids for 5 years, is a SpyKids after-school Trainer. (And yes, he’s right – he really is “a 10 year old trapped in a 32 year old body.” Nobody giggles like Agent NOIR!)

Agent VOLT is our Science Officer. He is an astrophysics major, a natural teacher, and grew up working at his Mom’s special needs summer camp. He’s taught snowboarding to kids for 5 years – currently in his 3rd season at Heavenly. He is wildly creative and loves finding super-fun ways to teach real science to kids at their level.

Agent RIO loved her time in Brazil teaching English to kids. Fluent in Portuguese and with a degree in theater, she teaches Capoeira and serves as our HQ Mission Strategist. Everything is Spy for RIO, who claims her alphabet cereal contains Native American encryption.

Agent SOUTH has a degree in biology, comes from a medical family (ER Dad and CDC Mom) and is interning in surgical procedure. Inspired by her experience teaching science to Miami museum kids, she thinks working with kids is pure play and is a natural at building creative curriculum. SOUTH is originally from Columbia and is a native Spanish speaker.

Agent DIAMOND (as in Black …expert that is!) teaches our skiing on the Endless Slope. She is a Senior ski & board Instructor at Adventurous Sports, is AASI certified, has a degree in dance, and also teaches at Tutu School.

Agent SNOW (aka Sarah) – created SpyCamp in 2013 (inspired by her own son’s SpyClub….and the DC Spy Museum), Sarah designs the weekly theme & curriculum, inspiring the Training Agents to build crazy-fun gear, labs, briefings & games.  Previously a technologist and management consultant with degrees in physics and computer science, she loves to deliver STEM within the fun of espionage!  The owner of Adventurous Sports, she is also the parent liaison.

Endless Slope Skiing


How do Cadets SKI in SpyCamp?

On an Endless Slope ski deck!  These ski decks were actually designed by the military to train US spies for skiing in Russia & Eastern Europe – after a helicopter  jump into the snow!  Our Endless Slope is used during the winter to teach skiing & snowboarding to kids and adults, starting at age 3.   SpyCamp ski training is 1-on-1 so our  Ski Instructors teach to each child’s ability, even if they’ve never skied.  (All Cadets wear safety belts & tethers, with thick socks and boots we size during Orientation)  After learning basic skills, we dive right into the fun with nerf-gun targeting and team games.


SpyKids Enrichment Classes at Lawton use the Fun of Espionage to Teach STEM.

(pro-rated) 11 week 1-hour sessions: Sept 21-Dec 7 (skip Nov 23)

$220 ($20 per class)


1st-5th grade
Science class #236

(2 separate grade-level classes will be set up, with sufficient registrations.)

Day :


Time :


1st - 2nd grade

1st - 2nd grade
Price: $220.00

3rd-5th grade

3rd-5th grade
Price: $220.00

Summer SpyCamp

Week-long summer camps include a multi-day mission, gear & field training, Endless Slope indoor ski lessons and lots of outdoor fun.

1-week sessions



650 Florida St; courtyard suite L
San Francisco 

Day :


Time :

8-9am, 4-6pm care available

June 12-16 (FULL)

June 12-16 (FULL)
Price: $430.00

June 19-23 [FULL]

June 19-23 [FULL]
Price: $430.00

June 26-30 (Girls only!) [FULL]

June 26-30 (Girls only!) [FULL]
Price: $430.00

July 10-14 (Girls only!) [FULL]

July 10-14 (Girls only!) [FULL]
Price: $430.00

July 17-21 (Tech Week) [FULL]

July 17-21 (Tech Week) [FULL]
Price: $430.00

July 24-28 (Adrenaline Week!) [FULL]

July 24-28 (Adrenaline Week!) [FULL]
Price: $430.00

July 31-Aug 4 (Senior Cadets: ages 8-11) [2 more SPOTS]

July 31-Aug 4 (Senior Cadets: ages 8-11) [2 more SPOTS]
Price: $430.00

August 7-11 [FULL]

August 7-11 [FULL]
Price: $430.00

August 14-18 [FULL]

August 14-18 [FULL]
Price: $430.00

Pre and Post Care

Pre & Post Care
$60 for the week covers pre & post-care of 8-9am and 4-6pm.
(Daily care is $10 per hour or portion of hour; payable on pick-up)

We switch up the activities for the interests of the kids in after-care.  They can include: nerf-gun targeting, board games, architecture build projects, art projects, and outdoor play.


Pre and Post Care
Price: $70.00

SpyCamp details

Ages: SpyCamp is for ages 6-10 years old

Ratio: Counselor to Cadet ratio is 1:6 or better

Siblings: 10% discount for sibling sign-ups

SpyCamp Sample Schedule*

Code Names & Badges
Briefing: Cadet Training & Mission Overview
Walkie-talkie & comm training
Video Surveillance training
Endless Slope ski lessons
Suspect Tailing training
Labs: coding & mapping
Park special surprise group game

Suspect Tailing
Target course
Dossier: Cover Story development
Endless Slope skiing
Cadet Evaluations: Under-cover lunch at restaurant
Labs: finger printing
Heavy bag and hit-pads
Real Spies: eco-activism

Spy strategy games in the park
Suspect Identification
Endless Slope ski target practice
Real Spies: digital freedom
Sword fighting
HQ dispatch: storytelling with video & code

Labs: counterfeit currency

Mission updates
Team neighborhood treasure challenge
Mission prep: strategy & gear
Squad field training: mission specific
Endless Slope team games
Target course
Heavy bag and hit-pads
Video de-brief

Real Spies: energy industry
courtyard & street practice for Mission
Endless Slope ski games
team treat outing
HQ briefing video
Water games

*Every day includes AM snack, sports, spy training & outdoor play.


Tech Week will give Cadets an overview of the the latest in technological innovation. So students feel empowered to take technology into their own hands and push the boundaries even further.

Our activities, games, labs, and discussions will explore innovations such as:
3d printers, drones, smart cars, surveillance, nuclear fission, Nasa vs. Space X, bio-engineering, the movie industry and video art, hacking and cryptography

At the end of the week the students will have produced their own short film and be able to view it as a 3d hologram, parents invited! Students will also have physically acted out the process of end to end encryption in our very own encryption relay race.

Planned field trips include the Bay Area Video Coalition, NoiseBridge (a local hacker maker space) and the AutoDesk Gallery of innovation. To keep the blood flowing and our minds sharp, everyday will still be infused with gear training, physical activities & games.


This week has similar activities to all Spy Weeks and, of course, Mission Action. But our usual activities – like Laser Maze, Tailing, Fencing or Rock Climbing, Skiing, Pilipino Stick Fighting, and Parkour, have a little something extra. And, instead of our STEM labs, we notch up the action with Sword Training, Martial Arts and a foundation of fitness and agility that will go home in an Activity Journal so Cadets can continue their training.


“Cadets learn the fun of Espionage sprinkled with STEM.  Science can be radio frequency or laser alarms, Technology might be geo-tracking or video editing, Engineering could be designing Spy tunnels –  and we use lots of Math to keep track of target scores while skiing on the Endless Slope!”

You never know when your team will be dropped by helicopter into snowy Eastern Europe on a mission.

Cancellations are refunded via check for the full amount, minus a 20% fee. We regret fees, but since camps are so customized, a cancellation can mean other families who were counting on a certain gender or age mix may also have to be updated; additionally, activities and equipment changes may be required. HOWEVER, if you’re in “wait mode” due to an extended family trip, contact us so we can help your planning. After April 22 refunds are 75%
-after May 15: 50% refund
-after June 1: no refunds


Alby demonstrates top skiing form in the best James Bond tradition.  On the Endless Slope, we teach each cadet ski skills at their level – and then the nerf guns come out!


Cadets go to world-class Golden Gate Fencing 2 blocks away (or Rock Climbing). Did you know that the CIA, FBI & KGB frequently recruit from collegiate fencing teams?  Fencing is often called the “chess of sports”.


Cadets go to Mission Cliffs Climbing Gym 1 block away (or Fencing) to learn belayed climbing in age-appropriate gear and bouldering. Instructor ratio is 1:3 and led by life-long competitive rock climber Agent COPPER.


Purchase a private Spy Mission to offer at your next school auction.  It’s great fun, a unique way to create new community bonds and your school benefits. Email for fund raising event info.


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