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“It was a wonderful surfing experience.  The Saturday ‘dry’ lesson covered all the essentials and thoroughly prepared me for the next day in the water.  I was able to catch the first wave I went for and many more after that.  It was a blast!  Many thanks!”
Joe K.

“I loved it! This was my first time anywhere near a surf board, and I can’t wait to get back in the water.”

“The pop-up clinic on Saturday was absolutely instrumental to my success in the water. I was able to pop up and actually ride a wave on my very first try in the water. In fact, I rode three out of four waves that came my way during the lesson. The other students in my group had all attended a week-long surf camp last winter and were amazed this was my first time out.”
Libby E.

“I wasn’t even thinking. It was like my body just knew what to do after (the simulator clinic) yesterday.”
Joan L.

“I definitely don’t think I would have gotten up if I hadn’t done the (simulator) clinic yesterday.”
Angela L.

“Thank you so much for Sunday.  We had an excellent time.  It simply couldn’t have been better.  [daughter Claire] is SO glad she went!  She said it was even better than the first time, and she didn’t need the instructors by the end.  Seriously – she was just catching her own waves!  Sam and Tara were wonderful, just terrific, and we both feel so positive about surfing and the whole experience.” 
Valerie B.

Surf Trips

“Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic trip you set up for me & my brothers. Everything was perfect from the airport pick-up to the no-pressure surfing. We even loved the yoga. And the ATV tour & ripline trips were amazing. Thanks again for taking such great care of us!”
Matt C & Bros

“We had such an incredible time. It was definitely the trip of a lifetime!”
Annie G.

“Just wanted to thank you for all your help- we had the most AMAZING time !!!!!! ”
Jaime M.

Intro to Dirtbikes

“It was lots of fun! Learned a lot and will definitely start riding dirtbikes. Rob made the class fun and easy. He definitely boosted my confidence from “not being sure if this is for me” to “this is totally me!”
Anna R.

“Fabulous!  The coach and staff were really patient and fun to work with, and the format really helped in terms of gaining confidence while progressing from step to step. ”
Maura T.

“It was awesome, and a lot of fun!”
[ Was the track, equipment & instruction right for you?] “Yes, absolutely.”
Jens M.

“I’m a teacher and I couldn’t believe what a patient teacher he was. ” 
Carla M.

Sport & Spa

“It was great to meet you and, of course, I had a spectacular time on Sunday. Please keep up the super work that you do. I will spread the word! ”
Nancy K.

“I had a fabulous time!”

“It was awesome!!  What a perfect combination!  Brilliant idea! Yes.  The kayaking was my first time ever, and first time ever doing a water sport.”
Pen P.

Endless Slope

“The Endless Slope is one of the best experiences of sports instruction I’ve ever had. Before the Endless Slope, I’d decided snowboarding wasn’t for me and I “didn’t like the cold.” Now I’m a convert and loving Tahoe, loving snowboarding. What cold? So glad I did it! ”
Rebecca Geffert co-owner of BoardSports

“My son Jon had a blast with Ian!  He is a great instructor. I did get on the machine for about 10mins and what a workout…… as an intermediate snowboarder, Ian was able to show a few things to help me improve my ride. ”
 Jon W.

“Adventurous Sports is simply the best. The instructors are experienced and fun and the equipment is truly unique – parking is even easy! My 8 year old was having difficulty moving from pizza to french fries and after 3 classes had it mastered and was able to join the kirkwood ski team without any problems. My 69 year old father even wants to try this and he’s never skied before. Highly recommended!”
Jeff Gagnon

“I got more skill than I could have gotten any other way.  On the first day on the snow (at the Alps), just the conditioning alone made a big difference.  I absolutely was at the right level of fitness.  We had lessons every day and everyone else in the class was washed out at day’s end and I definitely wasn’t.”

“Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to come check out the Endless Slope and matching me with such a patient and knowledgeable instructor.  He was great and I feel like I walked away with a much better understanding of form & how to be most efficient with the board.  What a cool machine! ”
Melissa Leebove, ClifBar

“Thank you!! So excited! Had 2 great sessions with Ian-Michael. He is a great guy and fantastic teacher. Thanks for getting me ready for Italy – thought about you on my trip! Especially when one of the Italian Alpini locals complemented my skiing ability. ”
Sabra B.

“Thank you so much for the free snowboard/ski lesson for me and Malachi. It was really nice of you. Johnnie (sp?) is a great instructor. He was really helpful and able to get through to Malachi and he was helpful with me as well. He understood how to teach skiing and snowboarding, and how to communicate to kids and adults. He had a good, professional, fun demeanor and was attentive to the little things (like helping Malachi learn to tighten his snowboard boots). Malachi seemed to me to be totally ready to do lessons with no supervision.”
Bruce P & son Malachi

“She [daughter] is really enjoying the lessons and improving a ton!! ”
Frances H.

“I was a bit fearful about skiing after I injured myself learning how to snowboard in a few years ago. However, practicing at Endless Slope gave me the practice and confidence I needed to have a successful ski vacation. I just spent 4 days in Colorado and had a great time, doing Blues with my friends! It’s so nice to be able to enjoy this sport and keep up with my friends.”
Elizabeth H.

Endless Slope Kid’s Birthdays

“Jaci, she’s amazing. She’s great with the kids.”
Cher Soto, December birthday party

“Danie had a  blast at Ally’s snowboarding party!  Great job Sarah!”

Kayak the Gate

“We had a terrific experience last Saturday and would definitely recommend it to my friends.”
 Gena K.

“It was a really great experience – cool way to see the bridge. I thought they set a really good pace, easy to keep up with and I felt safe.”
Jessica K.


“Our Horse Riding trip last Sat went great. My wife and I had lots of fun. The guides and horses were great. We will be sure to tell our friends about. Thanks for arranging this. ”
Woon-Chong T.

“It was very nice, one of the better trail rides that I’ve been on.  Would recommend and do again.”
Clifford B.

“We had a great time, thanks again.  Only have great things to say about the experience. ”
Anna G.


“Awesome. We stayed for a few hours extra. Yeah [instruction was at the right level], Steve was great. Very friendly and helpful.”
Brian S.

“I had a WONDERFUL time at this event.  The Sporting Clays location/site was fantastic.  The instruction was perfect – good insight to help us learn and every single person was able to hit something at each station.  We were able to get to many stations, which was fun to try different shots and we had a good amount of time at each one. I also loved that you took photos and emailed the next day – what a great touch!”
Alyson G.

Standup PaddleBoarding

“We had a really great time.  It was particularly nice that the boarding allowed us to talk and visit with our friends… WHILE we did it.  That made it all-the-more special…”
Rob M.

“The SUP was really good and thanks for the help for that! The water was very warm, actually, I had even to take my wetsuit half off in the middle cause it got hot.”
Roy C.



“Class could not have been better! I am so glad we chanced it and I am so glad you let us in! We really had a ball. I can’t wait to do it again. Please put me on your mailing list!”
Barb S.

“I learned so much and had a blast. Can’t wait for the next one.”
Katie J.


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