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Poker is a miracle mix. Super fun events where the room is always full of laughter, energized by friendly competition and new skills. Networking and bonding happens naturally and you’ll get an evening your whole group will rave about.

Plus, learning poker is a chance to build analysis skills and your own risk management style…and build your table image.

“Adventurous poker night was so much fun. As a “never played,” I learned the basics of the game & strategy of the play all in a few hours. I would feel comfortable playing poker in Vegas with all that I learned.”
Sunhee Moon
SF Fashion Designer


Cost & Set-Up
Tables are set up by level, with 6-10 people per table.
$220 – $420 per table, depending on event type.

Poker events average $52 per person including poker table, materials & Instructor, with food & venue additional.  (Professional table rentals available, cost varies by vendor)
At Studio Trilogy, a 70-person event with appetizer buffet is $95 per person.

Poker Events

Women’s Poker Events


Bring your Power to the table. Our female Instructors will teach you that extra layer of strategy that women can use to their advantage. Frequently, you’ll be the sole female at the casino table, so learn a “table image” you can project for control…and advantage.

Customize any program below for women’s charity events, professional groups and birthday celebrations.

Join our MeetUp Poker Clinics at the Adventurous Studio for $15.  Monday Dec 9 is “co-ed” with tables for Never-Played, Beginners & Intermediates.  We’ll  have bi-monthly women’s,  quarterly co-ed clinics and twice-a-year play parties. Join in at

2-hour Onsite Corporate Clinic


Use the energy & uniqueness of teaching poker skills, habits and discipline to infuse your team with strategic capabilities.  They’ll learn to recognize and improve their own skills in risk management; they’ll build think-under-fire capabilities; they learn to read and influence other players at the table – all while having fun, laughing through the bluffs and getting to know each other better.  Our specialty is customized instruction, so let us personalize the curriculum to your group’s culture and current project focus.

$420 per table, with customized curriculum

3-hour Networking Party


This event is the magic overlap of teambuilding, networking and real skill-building that give your guests a wildly fun experience and bragging rights too. They can relax and learn with cheat-sheets at every place and open-hand rounds to teach strategy. Participants will surprise you with riveted attention on the game and laughter from all corners as surprising winners emerge and important relationships are forged.

“As an intermediate player, I learned a lot about betting strategy and felt like I really improved my game. Great coaching and encouragement from the instructors, and fun to learn more about my co-workers through their bluffing & betting”
Dave Springer
Google Engineering Manager

$420 per table, includes warm-up talk with poker stories & intro basics

2-hour Clinic at Adventurous Studio


Grab some friends and set up a night at the Adventurous Studio for your very own clinic.

BYOWine and we’ll provide the appetizers. Studio located in Potrero Hill, San Francisco.

$225 per table, up to 4 tables.

3-hr In-Home private or fundraiser party


You can finally treat your friends to the best social excuse for gathering regularly. Or set up a special night for your upcoming charity fund raiser.

Awesome school auction fundraiser; bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue included.

$300 per table, up to 4 tables.

Upcoming clinics

Join our MeetUp to learn Texas Hold’em poker – or learn new tricks & strategies.  Instructor tables for Newbies, Novices & Intermediates



Adventurous Studio
650 Florida St @ 18th
San Francisco

Day :

Monday Dec 9th

Time :



Poker Party Details

Q: What is the flow of the event?
We love to customize, but normally our event evening runs 6:30-9pm:

6:30-7:00 cocktails & socializing with Instructors (bios posted to create conversation)

7:00-7:15 Warm-up talk
(Funny poker stories, Intro on game play, How to choose your table by level)

7:15 Attendees choose tables & meet their Instructor

7:15-8:45 Instructors walk-thru cheat sheets, intro basic concepts

Instruction begins with open hands and debrief on every hand.
Table play starts with closed hands and coaching.
As play progresses, you’ll find attendees riveted & laughing at their own bluffs.

8:45-9:00 Adventurous host makes the rounds to find out “Winners” from each table
(biggest $$ pot, best bluffer, most improved, etc.)

9:00-9:15 Winner announcements & Prizes

9:15-9:30 Instructors share last coaching and inspiration

Q: Do you bring in all equipment including cards, chips, table-tops?
Yes, we bring cards, chips, tabletops & linens. We can arrange table & chair rentals for $45 total per table setup. We also bring our mini cheat-sheets for each player, some inspirational notes & pictures for each table, and the Introductory slide presentation.

Q: What should we provide?
Whatever cocktails you’d like during the 1/2-hr arrival/reception time and sometimes an appetizer buffet during the poker event itself. (We’re also happy to provide & arrange food options for you.) We’ve found time & again that no other activities or distractions are necessary – even massage therapists brought in for an event have to actually go around to the tables to provide shoulder massages because attendees don’t want to leave the action!


Poker is a Brain Sport

Yes, we’re an adventure company and our mission is to give you a more adventurous life. We think poker is part of that. It builds brain muscles, creates strategic savvy, increases your network and builds friendships. At our events, you will laugh your way smart.


Add Adventurous Sports Poker Workshops to your Casino Night.  More people will have more fun ….and your Casino Night will make more money!


The Perfect Event

Poker clinics fit all experience levels and everyone leaves with new skills & new friends. Scalable to any size sales conference and customizable for spouse events.


Meet the Talent

We find unique poker professionals like Dee Dee Cole who have a passion for sharing their skills.
They’ll teach you new habits and strategies to increase your winnings at the table. Unlike run-of-the-mill “dealer” events, our Instructors inspire, educate and energize.
They each have unique backgrounds, so take a look at the team bios – we take requests for private events!

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