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Learning Styles


Know your Learning Style and you know the fastest, easiest & most motivational way you learn new skills. We’re talking all skills – sports, technical, management… even happiness skills. Know your style and you know your own Peak Level. Take the 10-minute Profiler here to find yours.
You might be a combination of styles, and you could be one style at work and another on the playing field. You can even change styles over the course of your life. Take the profiler to find your Peak Success Style, and read the style profiles below to gain insights for yourself and the important people in your life.


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Know your Style

Are you ACTUAL?


You just want to DO it. Get your hand on the ball, your body in the water. You learn physically and tend to do best when you’re performing for groups – impromptu or formally. You don’t want a lot of analytical instruction, you don’t care about the curriculum and you don’t always like a lot of overly solicitous attention. You do like specific coaching on certain skills and you do well if you can watch a skill done and then work on your own to make it happen. People sometimes call you a natural athlete because you dive right in; you expect to make a solo time investment in new sports and assume that trial by error is part of the learning process.

If you don’t care about the other Learning Styles, you are probably Actual


You like to start with mental understanding before you move into physical action – It has to “make sense” for you before you engage physically. You always have questions that occur to you that need answering before you can “relax” and get engaged physically. You seek to understand the how & why of the way things work or the new movements you’re learning. You take pleasure in explaining things to others because you assume they have the same need to understand how things work. You value reading and learning in a non-physical way to enhance your physical learning.

If you’re that person in the room asking the questions everyone else is thinking, you are probably Analytical


You like an explanation of the lesson program – what will be taught and what will you be asked to do – you like expectations to be clear up front. You find it helpful to have an assessment of current skills and a plan to get you to a specific level. You respect the structure of the classroom or the group; you highly valuing a teacher with appropriate authority and expertise. You do well with written programs and specific steps you can accelerate through to a pre-defined goal.

If you looking forward to this exercise and are yearning for a print-out of the questions, you are probably Structural


You are unique and no one else’s learning style is like yours. You personalize everything you do and feel that a general curriculum cannot be effective for your unique needs. You need your physical fitness, readiness and emotional approach to be understood and respected by the teacher and others; you also have great respect for the needs of other people. You are highly verbal and tend to outline your process to others to provide insight into the end result.

If you always tweak assignments or programs to your own style and explain to others the reasons for your customization, you are probably Personal

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1. What motivates you?AlwaysSometimesRarelyNever
The chance to achieve something admirable
Having a challenge I can jump right into and experiment with
Having a clear plan and clear next steps
Feeling positive energy within a group and support for my goals
2. How do you want to be taught something?
Explain it to me: what to do and why (I have to understand it first before I try it)
Show me: I want to watch you do it, then try it myself (sometimes I even do it wrong the first time to see how it feels)
Give me the big picture first: Then explain this piece to me (I have to know how this fits into the larger structure)
Let me tell you my needs and concerns first. Then show me what will work for my goals and body
3. How do you want to try a new skill in class?
I want lots of feedback from the instructor and time to improve based on focused critiques
I want to do it a bunch of times. I do better if I have to demonstrate for others (it motivates me to have to show off a little)
I want to learn as part of a group skill exercise that build on other skills practiced throughout the class
I want some "out of the spotlight" time to experiment and find the way that works best for me, then I want one-on-one attention from the instructor
4. How do you like to be coached - if you're not quite getting it?
Give me new techniques to try that will help me zone in on this new skill
Just tell me what I'm doing wrong - I expect to have to work through it myself
Break down my approach into specific skills I can work on that will build upon each other
Ask me how I felt about this approach, let me suggest changes and work through the correction process with me
5. What do you need when you're frustrated?
Help me analyze the problems
Leave me alone to try a bunch of things - I just need to see how different things feel physically
Help me understand the process and correct what's wrong with what I'm doing right now
Remind me of my own personal strengths and how to use them to work on this
6. How do you want to practice outside of class?
I want an assessment of where my skills are now and an assignment designed to achieve a specific goal
I don't want an assignment; I'll go out and play on my own
I want to work on a specific assignment that builds on the classwork, focusing on a few goals that will move me along a well-planned path
I want a specific assignment, but I'll experiment to see what works best for me
7. What makes you proud of yourself?
Mastering a skill
Knowing I really pushed myself
Reaching a goal I've been steadily working toward
Discovering something new about myself
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