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Haunted Hunt & Fundraiser

black pumpkin

Join us for a thrilling afternoon of hunts, ghouls, and Halloween fun! Wear your costume and bring your pets too, we need everyones help to save Halloween Town! We offer Craft Stations, a Haunted Forest where kids will hunt for fairies, a Division of Flying Vehicles, a Red-Carpet walk for pets in costume, a Hunt for the Witche’s Heart in Halloween Town, & much more! (Not to mention ample snacks, drinks & Parent Punch.)

Location: Joe Goode Annex at 401 Al
abama & 17th, SF

Date: SATURDAY Oct 28 at 1-4pm


Building Halloween Town
<–Agents COPPER, RACER and  Sculptor Michaela at maker-space NoiseBridge constructing Halloween Town!   They’re cutting boards and creating strong foundations to make the Scary Trees stand strong.


[Watch this page to see more creations of Halloween Town from MasterMind Agent COPPER.  Want to help, want to learn from COPPER? Email if you want to paint, make trees, work on lighting, fabrics or props.  Or…you couCOPPERinJailld even be a Ghoul at the event.]


These are COPPER’s actual painted walls.  She even created an energized black cat.    And of course COPPER is testing out the jail cell!













You might need this code to find your way out of Halloween Town!


















Doggie Costumes  Pups deserve their own Red-Carpet Runway (show here) to prance and show off their costumes and attitudes.  All Brave Costumed Dogs will receive a pup-treat in appreciation for their fashionista presentations.



BatDachsund 2












Halloween Crafts  Kid crafts will include Marshmallow Skeleton creations, Flying Paper Bats, Fairy colorings and an Ed Emberley-inspired drawing station.


OrigamiBat 2HauntedHouse

Halloween Tickets

Reserve tickets here. We’ll have your name at the door – no need to bring a ticket or any paperwork (you’ll be in costume, after all!).
Since this is a Hunt, there are only a limited number of tickets. Tickets may be available at the door, if space allows. (Door prices will be slightly higher.)

Please NOTE: this is NOT a drop-off event. Kids must attend with Parents or Guardians.

Thanks for supporting SpyKids STEM scholarships!




401 Alabama @ 17th
(Joe Goode Performance Annex)

Day :

Sat Oct 28

Time :


Kid Ticket (under age 5 are free) [Kid tickets also REQUIRE a Parent Ticket]

Kid Ticket (under age 5 are free) [Kid tickets also REQUIRE a Parent Ticket]
Price: $15.00

Parent ticket

Parent ticket
Price: $25.00

Family ticket (must be related)

Family ticket (must be related)
Price: $55.00

Sharing Espionage & STEM with ALL kids

Over the years, we’ve met so many amazing fun, smart and just-plain-great kids who Really Want SpyKids classes at their school or to attend SpyCamp or take our DefCon Tech Trip, but just don’t have the family resources.
So we’ve started a scholarship fund and our First Annual Halloween Fundraiser. We hope you’ll bring your family to Halloween Town. We promise a superbly fun experience for all – and a chance for your kids to try out their costumes!

2haloween punch

Yes, you deserve Halloween fun too. Fear not (well…maybe a little) – Halloween town may have scary trails (camp applications! carpool lanes! lost lunchboxes!) where parents will need their kids help to successfully navigate their escape.
The reward? The upstairs buffet will include parent punch and delightful goodies.


Pet Costume Contest

Your pooch will be the star of the show on their own red-carpet (rubber!) elevated runway. Pictures of the big prance will be taken and doggie-treat awards await all.


Joe Goode Annex

Halloween Town will exist for One Day Only at the superb Joe Goode Performance Annex at 401 Alabama @ 17th. Halloween Town, Fairy Hunt, DJ, Movies and Ghoul picture ops are downstairs. Upstairs are crafts, treats, Doggie runway and family buffet.


Naturally, we’ll have a live DJ spinning Halloween sounds for your hunt!

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