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Ski & Snowboard Lessons

The Endless Slope is Accelerated Learning for snowboarding and skiing. All lessons are private, indoors, and completely customized for your fitness, learning style and  goals. Endless Slope lessons provide faster & more natural skill development than mountain lessons, and they’re a better value too.


"I was shocked that after a few half-hour lessons that felt like goofing off on a giant arcade game, I showed up on a mountain and could snowboard.” 
Sean N.
"I trained on the Endless Slope in preparation for a 10 day ski trip to Europe. Not only was it fantastic ski conditioning - "pre-ischishtica", it advanced my form and control of my skis in a significant way.” 
Sabra B.
"After just two sessions, I went out on the snow and was actually carving turns down intermediate/advanced runs that would have freaked me out last season.” 
Daina C.
"The classes helped immensely!! Kellen and the twins were as good as other kids who had been skiing many more days before them this year, so it was fantastic that they could just dive right in and be at the same level. Exactly what I wanted.” 
Natasha M.
"so i went to tahoe in early jan and i did AWESOME on the mountain, snow boarding, my first time. all thanks to the endless slope!! i did two green runs and then was ready for blues for the rest of day.
so amazing!!"  Tammy K.

Private Lessons

In half an hour, you can get a day’s worth of skills. Why? You’re in constant motion, you’re getting 1-on-1 expert instruction, and learning occurs continuously . In our Studio, your instructor is inches away from your knees and ankles, can see every angle of your spine & shoulders, and understands “your” learning style – our method enables our coaches to better understand “you”.  So you’ll get instruction that makes a dramatic difference in your performance on the slopes. You’ll also get surprising muscle-memory from easy repetition allowed by the Endless Slope – literally your muscles will just know what to do on the mountain. So you can relax and enjoy your new skills.

And of course, there are no falls and no cold!
for beginners:

  • shorten your learning time
  • avoid bruises & bad weather
  • surpass your experienced friends when you hit the slopes

for experienced skiers & boarders:

  • finally get past intermediate level
  • excel faster than with traditional snow lessons
  • build mountain strength at an accelerated pace
  • hit your “peak-season” condition sooner

Guarantee: If for any reason, the lesson does not feel right for you, stop after 10 minutes for a full refund. Trying out the Endless Slope is a no-risk scenario.

  • Age: Lessons start at age 3; special kid pricing for after-school hours
  • Season: mid-September – April.
  • Groups: we frequently run regular lessons for 2-4 people together. Simply reserve a block of time so each person has 30-minutes and ask about Group Discounts.

New Students: The 1-hour Fast Start gives you plenty of time to get comfortable on the Endless Slope, get a plan for reaching your skiing or boarding goals, and have a full lesson.   Following the Fast Start, all lessons are 1/2-hour. Even if you’re in great shape, your “mountain muscles” will tire quickly after 30 minutes, since they’re learning new skills.

Continuing Students: choose one 1/2-hour Lesson Package


First Lesson: 1-hour FastStart $85

Kid’s First Lesson: 1/2hr FastStart $40 (age 3-9)

Half-hour lesson packages:

single lesson: $80
4-lessons: $295
8-lessons: $520
12-lessons: $630    

conditioning lessons $35

Packages have no expiration date.

Endless Slope Regular Lessons



Client parking at Adventurous Studio
650 Florida St. courtyard Suite L

Day :

Wednesday - Sunday

Time :

Wed-Thurs: 3-8pm
Fri: 9:30am-9pm
Sat & Sun: 9am-9pm

First Lesson: 1-hour Fast Start

First Lesson: 1-hour Fast Start
Price: $85.00

Kid’s First Lesson: 1/2hr FastStart (age 3-12)

Kid’s First Lesson: 1/2hr FastStart (age 3-12)
Price: $40.00

Family/Group of 3-4: FastStart

Family/Group of 3-4: FastStart
Price: $170.00

FRIDAY Happy Hr: 1-hr FastStart (for NEW customers)

1-hour FastStart (for NEW customers only).

Must be taken on a Friday between 4-7pm.  Can be purchased anytime.

FRIDAY Happy Hr: 1-hr FastStart (for NEW customers)
Price: $50.00

FRIDAY Happy Hr: half-hr lesson (current clients)

Single half-hour lesson, must be taken on Fridays between 4-7pm.

Can be purchased anytime.

FRIDAY Happy Hr: half-hr lesson (current clients)
Price: $30.00

single 1/2-hr lesson (after the FastStart)

single 1/2-hr lesson (after the FastStart)
Price: $80.00

FastRamp: 1-hr FastStart and 1/2-hr follow-on lesson

FastRamp: 1-hr FastStart and 1/2-hr follow-on lesson
Price: $125.00

4-lesson package (after the FastStart)

4-lesson package (after the FastStart)
Price: $295.00

8-lesson package (after the FastStart)

8-lesson package (after the FastStart)
Price: $520.00

12-lesson package (after the FastStart)

12-lesson package (after the FastStart)
Price: $630.00

Conditioning lessons

Conditioning lessons
Price: $35.00

Kid single lesson

Kid single lesson
Price: $50.00

Kid 6-pack

Kid 6-pack
Price: $210.00

Family/Group of 3-4: shared 4-pack

Family/Group of 3-4: shared 4-pack
Price: $240.00

Family/Group of 3-4: shared 8-pack

Family/Group of 3-4: shared 8-pack
Price: $400.00

Family/Group of 3-4: shared 12-pack

Family/Group of 3-4: shared 12-pack
Price: $500.00

Transition lessons on the mountain are available with your Endless Slope instructor. Set up private or semi-private, half-day or multi-day lessons at any Tahoe resort.


Of course everyone is unique. But in most cases a Complete Beginner can be connecting turns solidly and with confidence on green slopes in 4-5 lessons. After 8-12 lessons, you’ll be on Intermediate slopes and starting to carve.


Endless Slope Instructors are that rare combination of superb teachers, playful motivators and calm guides to your new skills.

We dive right in – you’ll skip the snowplow and learn parallel skiing right from the start. We’ll teach foot rollover, knee movement and body position for strong parallel carving turns. (We’ll do snowplow later – that’s your safety net)


Step ONE: KneeCs on the floor: this is the foundation for your parallel. Skiers can take years to learn this movement on the snow – it’s just hard to teach the small, correct movements under ski pants and from a distance! It’s even effective for advanced skiers like Glenda (from Italy!), here with Instructor Colette.



Step TWO: KneesCs on the deck. This is side-slipping with complete focus on edges, knees curving up, body weight forward to make a strong, skilled carve. This is the foundation for an awesome carving turn!


Step FIVE: Alternate-leg parallel. After learning the basic parallel, we work on inside foot pressure, weighting and timing with different exercises – here Glenda shows the Alternate-leg parallel.


Step SIX: One-leg Parallel. This teaches each ski how to edge, especially the challenging uphill edge. (Especially helpful for Intermediate skiers trying to break long-time snowplow habits). Here Yvonne makes it look easy.


Do I have to do all those Steps?: Don’t worry – we’ll teach to your level. We teach advanced skiers, racers and intermediates who are tired of the blue slopes.  But just like you don’t head out for a run at a sprint, we’ll warm up your legs & knees & toes with focused skills to build a foundation for a superbly strong carve!

We dive right in, teaching you connecting heel-toe turns and body position to give you a strong, controlled carve. (We’ll teach you floating leaf later – that’s your safety net)


STEP TWO Heel & Toe pressure. First, we make sure your weight is over the front of the board for maximum control with minimal effort. Then we review Toe-side and Heel-side before we even start the deck. Here Instructor Mike gets Izzy underway.



STEP THREE: InfinityS Heel & Toe. Next we teach your feet how to steer the board with simple heel & toe pressure


STEP FOUR: Small Radius Heel & Toe. Increase heel and toe pressure, pressing first with front foot then back foot. You’ll be able to connect your heel-toe turns in your first lesson.


Step SIX: Body Position – Once your feet have their heel & toe skills, we add body position. This really steers the board; giving you acceleration with control. See how easy Colette makes it look to pop her hip out over the board on toe-side so her body position accelerates the turn.


STEP INFINITY: Instructor Mike having fun!


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