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We provide sports instruction, outings and trips for busy people who want to Live Adventurously….especially people who never thought they could.

We believe Adventurous Living is everything from surfing to snowboard, dirtbikes to massage, wakeboard to yoga-hikes, poker to paddleboard, and anything else that makes you fit & happy.

How it Started

Adventurous Sports was started in 1995 by Sarah Cooper, while working too many hours in Silicon Valley doing technical marketing, then sales, then software project management. Heading out from Boston armed with degrees in computer science and physics, she figured it would be clear sailing. But after years of invigorating 70-80 hour weeks, she needed something more. Everywhere she looked, hard-working souls needed more energy, fun and adventure in their lives. So she started Adventurous Sports to provide superb instruction and leaders in sports activities and trips for very busy people.

Sarah built the company over the next 6 years while doing the road-warrior lifestyle of management consulting, then running strategy & business development in the web world. Finally in 2001 she took flight for good and now runs Adventurous Sports full-time from her San Francisco office, and sometimes the Tahoe cabin.

Sarah Cooper is Founder and President; she builds new programs and partnerships, builds innovative curriculum and hires superb instructors.

Thompson Bellingrath is developing our Corporate & Hotel channels and brings to Adventurous strategic, sales and corporate development expertise.


What your Learning Profile does for You

It was in management consulting where Sarah began to use Learning Style analysis to prepare software teams for new environments. Seeing the rapid skill-ramp (and low-stress experience) possible when employees’ knew their own Learning Styles planted the seed for sports instruction.

Long used in executive training and professional sports, Sarah created a highly simplified approach called the Learning Profile. This profile is based on a consolidation of analysis included in the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument, Myers-Briggs principles, and learning methodologies of Dr. Keith Golay.

The Learning Profile 5-minute questionnaire tells clients if they’re Personal, Actual, Analytical or Structural learners – or some combination. And what types of instruction and practice will be most effective for them. Then they know how to make the most of their lessons and activities, so they gain new skills faster, have more fun and stay more active.

Map & Address

Adventurous Sports Studio
650 Florida St, courtyard suite L
San Francisco CA 94110

Located in the Sports & Food mecca that is Mission Creek, Adventurous Studio is in the COURTYARD of 650 Florida Street. We’re between Harrison & Bryant streets, at 18th, at the base of Potrero Hill.

Food-wise, we’re a 1/2-block from Universal Cafe, a few streets from flour+water and close to Slow Club. Charles Chocolates is on our block and CoffeeBar is 2 blocks up.

Sports-wise, we share our courtyard with the Bike Kitchen, we’re 2 blocks from Sports Basement, steps from Mission Cliffs Climbing gym on Harrison and share a neighborhood with Golden Gate Fencing Center, Mission Creek Pilates and The Corner Studio.

Otherwise, we’re across the street from the new fabulous Heath Ceramics center and a couple blocks from super chic Coffee Bar and Southern Pacific Brewing.


at 18th & 19th,
just off Harrison


client parking
in courtyard

Sarah insists on hiring outstanding, experienced instructors; she doesn’t teach classes herself. She believes there are too many pretenders out there and too many people scared off from a new sport by inferior instruction. She aims to make learning new sports a fun, inspiring experience, and continues to grow Adventurous Sports as an innovator in sports instruction.
Endless Slope, Poker, Other

We believe all it takes is an Adventurous Spirit.

We believe sports should be part of your life.

We believe learning a new sport should be fun – all the time.

We believe fashion and cool gear are part of the fun.

We believe you deserve the absolute best – instructors who are not only fun & encouraging, but also really know their stuff.

We believe Adventure is sometimes on a motocross bike and sometimes in a canoe.

We believe being strong & fit is a blast. 

We believe muscles are sexy.

We believe loving your sport makes it easier to go to the gym.

We believe diets are evil and silly.

We believe that everyone is a natural athlete – you just have to find your sport.

We believe anything that gets your heart beating and puts a smile on your face counts as a sport.

We believe in Learning Styles – knowing yours and respecting others.

We believe that Learning how you Learn (and excel) on the playing field, makes the professional field more manageable.

We believe that Learning new sports and new skills keeps you fresh, alive and energetic.

We believe fun is a requirement for fitness.  

We believe everyone is beautiful when they’re having fun.

Be Adventurous. Live Adventurously.

“When we were looking for a way to make our CBS Television Hawaii 5-0 Prime Premiere Party special, we knew immediately we needed to get Adventurous there with their surf simulators! Clients, employees, staff … everyone had a great time pretending they were catching a wave in Maui.”
Terri Rupi, Promotions Director, CBS.

Thanks for scheduling me on the Slope this week – i had a blast both nights and felt i got some great tips!  Can’t wait to get on the snow this weekend.”
Madeleine N.


“Motocross was a blast. And the teachers were amazing. They spent extra time with individuals when needed without slowing the class. They were also VERY attentive to making sure we were all safe.”
Cindi L.


Adventurous exploring - from Mammoth trips to Cabo wakeboarding.

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